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A Panini Makes the Perfect Lunch or Snack

A Great Panini


A Great Panini


It’s been a very busy weekend and we still have so much to do. Today, I thought I’d make a quick and easy lunch and get to tackling all of those projects that are waiting for me.

Of course, a sandwich is always pretty simple to make . . . → Continue reading A Panini Makes the Perfect Lunch or Snack

Happy Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese Food for Tet

  Vietnamese Food for Tet  

Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet as it is commonly called in Vietnam, is the most popular and significant holiday in the Vietnamese culture. Tet is the Vietnamese New Year and is a special time for family and friends to gather. The old year is ushered out, good luck . . . → Continue reading Happy Vietnamese New Year!

Valentine's Day and Strawberry Crepes

Strawberry Crepes

February 14, 2015 (Saturday)


Strawberry Crepes


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing day and you were able to spend some quality time with the ones you love. Family and friends are an important part of who we are and while I don’t necessarily agree with the . . . → Continue reading Valentine’s Day and Strawberry Crepes

Homemade Yogurt and Ice Pop Tubes

Frozen Ice Pops with Zipzicles

  Yummy Homemade Ice Pops


With 5 kids who seem to constantly be hungry or looking for a snack, it’s probably not surprising that I’m always on the lookout for fast and easy ways to feed them on a budget. I try to avoid convenience products because I have a son with multiple . . . → Continue reading Homemade Yogurt and Ice Pop Tubes

Make Your Own Colored Decorating Sugar

Colored Sanding Sugar

Colored Sanding Sugar

With Valentine’s Day only a couple of days away, I thought it would be fun to add some fun decorating tips you can use for all of your baked goods. Whether you’re making cupcakes, cookies, candy or other treats, the price of colored sugar can be expensive. Fortunately, making . . . → Continue reading Make Your Own Colored Decorating Sugar

Welcome to My Blog

Japanese Flowering Cherry

February 11, 2015 (Wednesday)


Hi, my name is Debbie. I’m so glad you have found my website and now, my blog. I’ve been neglecting this site for quite some time, but I’m back at it and am committed to adding new recipes and helpful tips on a regular basis. The actual . . . → Continue reading Welcome to My Blog