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Dessert in a Jar

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Dessert in a Jar

Dessert in a Jar

These easy to make fruit parfaits are as delicious as they are pretty. My kids like them because they can customize their jars with their favorite ingredients. I made these with pound cake, lemon curd, assorted berries and whipped cream.

As an added bonus, simply screw on the top and you’ve got a dessert that will travel nicely in a lunch bag.


Make a Yummy Parfait in a Jar


Assorted Berries

Assorted Berries

I have to admit, when I think of dessert, berries are always at the top of my list. So, it’s probably no surprise that they play a prominent role in many of my favorite recipes.


Cutting Pound Cake Circles

Cut Pound Cake Circles

I like to use the jar to cut out perfect sized circles for these parfaits. Here I’m using sliced Pound Cake, but you could also use Angel Food Cake, if you prefer. I like the fact that the Pound Cake is a little more dense and doesn’t break down easily in the jar.

After cutting out the rounds of cake, I run my finger around the edge of the cake circle to brush off some of the crumbs. This makes it just a tad smaller than the circumference of the jar, so it can slide in easily.


Ingredients for Mason Jar Parfait

Ingredients for a Dessert in a Jar

Everything we need to make a fun dessert. Berries, Lemon Curd, Whipped Cream and rounds of Pound Cake that are cut to fit snug in the jar.


Dessert in a Jar

Dessert in a Jar

These parfaits are made with Pound Cake, a dab of lemon curd, some lightly sweetened whipped cream and a few berries; repeat for a second layer.


For the Chocolate Lovers

Dessert in a Jar isn’t limited to fruit parfaits. Here’s another great idea that’s perfect for anyone who loves chocolate. I used dessert glasses for these parfaits, but they would look just as nice layered in a small Mason Jar.


Brownie Parfait Buffet

Brownie Parfait Buffet

Fresh raspberries, brownie chunks, hot fudge, chocolate sauce and sweetened whipped cream make a decadent Brownie Parfait.


Brownie Parfait

Brownie Parfait

Decadent Brownie Parfaits make an elegant dessert.


Dessert in a Jar, 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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2 comments to Dessert in a Jar

  • DeeDee

    Those are definitely something that I’ll make for the summer!

    • Debbie

      They are so much fun! You can use a variety of berries, cake, toppings and make it something special that your family will love!

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