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Breakfast for Dinner

Dinner for Breakfast

Banana Nutella French Toast (Breakfast for Dinner)

Do you ever switch it up a bit and have breakfast for dinner? I think it’s fun to enjoy some of our favorite breakfast items in the evening. I have to admit, some of my kids think it’s a little weird; but, who cares? After a . . . → Continue reading Breakfast for Dinner

Puffed Swedish Pancake

Puffed Swedish Pancake

Swedish Puffed Pancake

When I was growing up I always loved spending time with my grandma. And like any good Swedish grandma, she liked to feed me. I remember spending winter mornings in front of the fireplace with these puffed pancakes baking in the oven. The smell was delicious and the fire was . . . → Continue reading Puffed Swedish Pancake