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Sunshine Toast

Sunshine Eggs

  Sunshine Eggs   Sunshine Toast This simple recipe for eggs is always popular with the kids and is a fun way to start the day. It is also known by a variety of other names like eggs in a hole, eggs in a basket and many others, but regardless of what you call . . . → Continue reading Sunshine Toast

Classic Eggs Benedict

Classic Eggs Benedict


Classic Eggs Benedict

  There are a lot of great egg recipes, but the classic dish of Eggs Benedict is probably one of the most popular; especially for brunch or other special occasions. There is really no one particular Eggs Benedict recipe, rather it is simply . . . → Continue reading Classic Eggs Benedict

Perfect Poached Eggs

Perfectly Poached eggs


Easy Poached Eggs

  There are a lot of egg recipes, but the simple poached egg is often a favorite at my house. It is perfect served on top of our toasted English Muffin Bread or as part of a decadent indulgence of Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs . . . → Continue reading Poached Eggs