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Happy Easter

Happy Easter


I hope everyone is having a very happy Easter. I’m spending today with my kids. Enjoying a quiet morning reflecting on this beautiful day and looking forward to a scrumptious ham dinner this afternoon. We enjoyed a wonderful church service as well as a delicious Easter morning breakfast buffet. We’ll take a bit of time to relax before heading back into the kitchen to prepare our dinner.


Have you ever made a ham in the slow cooker? We’ve done this in the past and it comes out perfect! We won’t be doing that today because the ham we need to feed our crowd isn’t going to fit in my crockpot! We’ll also have homemade scalloped potatoes (my daughter’s favorite) as well as green beans, carrots and a great selection of side dishes.


Easter Treats You Just Have to Make

A fun treat we made this morning is Resurrection Rolls. If you have kids, whether they’re yours or they’re visiting, making these empty tomb rolls will definitely be a hit. You’ll be able to share the story of Jesus and his resurrection, a perfect treat for the kids while also emphasizing an important message. Of course, a fun game or activity you can do with young kids while they’re waiting for their Empty Tomb Rolls to bake are Resurrection Eggs. You’ll get 12 colorful eggs in a sturdy egg carton. Each plastic egg holds a surprise inside. The included story book will help children understand the journey Jesus took to the cross. A fun game that helps young and old keep the real meaning of Easter close to their heart.


Just in case you don’t have all your Easter baking done yet, another great recipe that you’re sure to love is our wonderfully light and airy Angel Food Cake. This cake makes a great dessert for anyone who is watching their weight or for those who just want a small sweet, but nothing too heavy after your fabulous Easter dinner.


Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.




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