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How to Choose the Best Honey


Le Creuset Honey Pot

Le Creuset Honey Pot


Honey, the natural sweetener, right? Well, that might be true or it might not be. Unfortunately, just like so many other products we can pick up at our local grocery store, it can be hard to tell if you’re getting something that is free of harmful additives. While honey can definitely be a great choice for sweetening everything from your breakfast cereal to all kinds of baked goods, it’s important to first know what’s in your honey. It might not be as “pure” or “organic” as you might think. Make sure you buy a reputable brand and enjoy the wonderful health benefits of pure honey.



For my everyday honey needs, I buy my honey from a local farmer’s market. One of the best things about locally produced honey, besides the fact that you are supporting your local farmers, is that it contains pollen native to your area. This is an excellent choice, especially for those who suffer with seasonal allergies. Of course, not everyone has access to locally produced honey, so if you must buy online or at your grocery store, do your research and know what you’re getting. Some brands have been so highly processed that they no longer even contain pollen. This is an important factor that should raise red flags. These low quality “honey” products often contain heavy metals, high fructose corn syrup or have been watered down to increase profits.



For my tea each day, I choose organic raw honey. It’s pricier than regular honey, but has numerous health benefits. I buy this honey online and use it daily in my tea. Raw organic honey has anti-viral, anti-fungal and  anti-bacterial properties. It helps to promote body and digestive health. It is also a very powerful antioxidant, eliminates allergies, strengthens the immune system, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds and all types of infections.

The benefits of organic raw honey don’t stop there. Raw honey can also be used to stabilize blood pressure, calm nerves, balance sugar levels, relieve pain and it can even be used to treat ulcers. Raw honey is an effective expectorant and anti-inflammatory and has been known to help relieve respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. Whew, that’s a lot of benefits from one little jar of organic raw honey. Of course, it also tastes great!

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  • erin reynolds

    I have always wondered which honey to choose and thanks to your article, I now know. Thank you so much for clearing up which honey people should use.

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