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Longan Fruit

Longan fruit is a small round fruit popular throughout Southeast Asia, it is also known as Dragon Eye in many areas. It has a thin brown husk or skin that is easily removed. The fruit inside has a small pit, about the size of a cherry pit, which needs to be removed. The flesh of the longan is similar to a lychee or a cross between a kiwi and a grape.

Longan Fruit

Longan Fruit


These fruits are popular to eat on their own, much like we eat grapes in the U.S.; however, they can be used in a number of delicious dessert recipes such as Longan Pudding or as an ingredient in a fruit salad.

Logan fruit can sometimes be found at Asian markets, but they are usually hard to find. Canned logans make an excellent substitution and are something we typically keep in our pantry. They can be eaten straight from the can like you would canned peaches or pears, no additional preparation is needed. They are usually packed in syrup and come peeled and pitted.

Longan fruit can be found fresh, canned or dried. The dried fruit is often used to make a delicious beverage. Steep in hot water with a little sugar, then serve chilled. Dried longans also make a great snack food, just like many other types of dried fruit.

Natural Jujube Red Date, Longan Dragon Eye and Goji Instant Herbal Tea – 20 Packets (7.1 Oz)

Goji, Red Date and Longan are three traditional natural foods widely used in Chinese medicine. Goji Contains 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, more protein…

Xiamen Premium Dried Seedless Longan (Dragon Eye) Fruit- 10 Oz – Arillus Longan

Also called “dragon’s eye,” the longan is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. The fresh fruit has a translucent, white flesh with a sweet, floral fragrance…

Dried Longan 1 Lb

Longans are fruits found in southern china it is known for its great taste.

Chaokoh – Longan in Syrup (Net Wt 20 Oz)

Longan in Syrup



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