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Sticky Rice

Terraced Rice Fields

Terraced Rice Fields


Sticky Rice


Sticky rice is also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice, although it is not naturally sweet on its own. Sticky rice is used in a variety of Asian cuisines and can be eaten plain as a part of the meal or used in one of many dessert recipes popular throughout Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as many other Asian countries.

Sticky rice is soaked for several hours, then steamed in a traditional cone shaped bamboo steamer basket and served in a covered bamboo basket. To eat the sticky rice, one typically uses the right had to grab some rice from the basket, then it is formed into a ball and eaten with the fingers.

The sticky rice takes on a characteristic sticky nature when it is properly cooked. It is not sticky in the sense that other types of improperly cooked white rice may become sticky. Glutinous rice is a particular strain of rice that is high in amylopectin, a component of starch that gives sticky rice its unique characteristics. Sticky rice does not contain any dietary gluten and should be safe for those who are on a gluten-free diet.

Glutinous or sticky rice is available in either black, purple or white varieties that are milled or unmilled, with the bran removed. They are all different strains of rice with the black or purple rice having a nuttier taste than the white sticky rice. For desserts, white sticky rice is almost always the type that is used.



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