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A Panini Makes the Perfect Lunch or Snack

A Great Panini

  A Great Panini     It’s been a very busy weekend and we still have so much to do. Today, I thought I’d make a quick and easy lunch and get to tackling all of those projects that are waiting for me. Of course, a sandwich is always pretty simple to make and . . . → Continue reading A Panini Makes the Perfect Lunch or Snack

Classic Grilled Panini Sandwich

Grilled Panini

    Grilled Panini   Grilled Panini Giving instructions on how to make a Panini is like trying to tell someone how to make a sandwhich. There is no right or wrong way, whatever you like can be put between some bread and grilled, but there are some classic ingredients that come to mind . . . → Continue reading Classic Grilled Panini Sandwich