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Tapioca Pearls or Boba

Tapioca Pearls or Boba

Tapioca Pearls or Boba

Tapioca pearls or boba are basically balls of tapioca. The tapioca balls or pearls are available in different colors and sizes depending on how they will be used. Tapioca pudding is typically made using the small white pearls while Boba tea or Bubble tea is made using large pearls. For Boba drinks the tapioca pearls are often black, but they can be white or multicolored as well.

Tapioca is a starch that can be derived from several different plants and has become a common thickening agent world wide; it is also a staple food in some cultures. Tapioca has numerous names in different cultures including sago, sagu, bột năng, kappa and boba.

When serving drinks such as bubble tea or iced Vietnamese coffee with Boba, large straws are typically used. These straws are big enough that the individual pearls can be sucked up and enjoyed along with the beverage.

Premium Grade Black Tapioca Pearls (6.6 lb) [Bubble Tea]

We might think of tapioca pearls as the “soul” of a bubble tea drink: without it, bubble tea does not seem to be bubble tea. With these premium tapioca…


20 Pc. Bubble Tea Boba Tapioca Black Pearl COMBO Kit Makes 9

Bubble Tea Fat Straw (50 pcs)

50 straws per bag Straws are a must when drinking your bubble tea. Straws are about 1/2″ in diameter and 7″ long. These straws are the thicker type and…

WuFuYuan – Tapioca Pearl (Black) – Net Wt. 8.8 Oz.

Black Tapioca Perals

Tapioca pearl large – 12 oz

Tapioca pearls are the essential ingredients in bubble tea, also known as pearl tea and boba tea. These are “size large”, perfect for making bubble tea…

Bubble Tea Black Tapioca Pearl (2 lbs)

3 bags at 300 g (2 lbs) approximately 20-30 servings This smaller size is perfect for home use. Tapioca pearls are about the size of small marbles and…

Reese Large Pearl Tapioca, 7-Ounce, 6-Count Units

Imported. Resealable package. Tapioca comes from the cassava plant and has been used for centuries in creamy puddings and sweet desserts. Tapioca contains…

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